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How to change title and tagline of your blogsite in wordpress.

1. Login into your blogsite.
2. Go to Sittings> General

3. Replace current title and tagline and put your desired title and tagline.
4. Click Save.

5. Go back to your blogsite and see your new title and tagline into your browsers title bar.


How to add FB like box into your blog. (WordPress and Blogger)

For Blogger:

1. Create your FB page.

2. Click developer.

3. And then search like box.


4. Copy your page url and paste it in Facebook Page Url.

5. Then click Get Code.

6. Login into your blogger account, then copy and paste the code in HTML/Javascript Gadget and save.

7. Go to your blog and see the result.






For WordPress:

1. Create your FB fan page.

2.   After you create your page. Go to your WordPress blog admin. Application>Widgets

3. Drag Facebook Like Box widget into your sidebar area.

4. Go back to your page and copy the URL.

5. And paste it in Facebook Page URL (Facebook Like Box). Then click save.

6. Lastly, go to your blog and see the result.

Install WordPress on Your Computer Using WampServer.

What is WampServer? WampServer is simple to use web server package that allows you to configure Apache, MySQL and PHP in your local machine to match that of your live web server. It’s free to download and very user-friendly even for those who are not familiar with server administration and server management.

First, grab a copy of WampServer click here to download.

Then install the downloaded file.

Click Next past the first screen and agree to the license agreement.

Choose your installation directory. The default is c:\wamp.

In the Select Additional Tasks dialog, you can choose if you would like to have a Quick Launch icon and a Desktop icon so that you can quickly open WampServer once it has been installed.

The final screen before the installation process is a recap of your installation options. Click Install.

During the installation process, you will be asked to set your mail() settings, which is a PHP function that deals with sending emails from a PHP app.

You can click Finish to launch WampServer.

New icon in your taskbar that looks like this:



Using Your Localhost Web Server

You should check  WampServer is installed properly. Open up your web browser and navigate to http://localhost.

If WampServer is turned on and is working properly, you will be looking at the default Server Configuration page.

On the Server Configuration page, you will see what extensions are installed, and the phpmyadmin link (which we will use later on).



to be continue..